Journal History

Journal History:
Clinical Pathology journal was first published in 1975, with the name of Indonesian Journal of Clinical Pathology. The journal’s ISSN was 0854-4263. The Central Editorial Board was based in Jakarta with Rustadi Sosrosumiharjo dr., MS., Sp.PK as the executive president. The journal stopped publishing in 1998, at the number 1, volume 5. In November  2005 the Clinical Pathology journal was once again published, under the name of the Indonesian Journal of Clinical Pathology and Medical Laboratory (IJCPML) centered in Surabaya. The Journal’s ISSN was still the same 0854-4263. Publish in 2005-2013 was led by Prof. Dr. Prihatini, dr., Sp.PK(K), in 2014 until now, it is now led by Dr. Puspa Wardhani, dr, SpPK (K). Keeping up with advances in technology, IJCPML became an open access journal, starting by having an e-issn from LIPI in 2015, making a website affiliating with Airlangga University with an url of in 2014. Since 2018, it had its own website with an url link of

The Journal’s Vision and Mission
“Indonesian Journal of Clinical Pathology and Medical Laboratory” has been published by The Association of Clinical Pathologists in Indonesia with an aim to create a scientific insight that is trusted in Clinical Pathology and Medical Laboratory in Indonesia. We hope that this tool can be used not only by members of the Clinical Pathology Association of Indonesia but also can be used as a source of literature for colleagues, students or anybody who needs it. Scientific articles that have not been published anywhere else, can be published in this magazine. Different methods that have not or have been accepted in the world of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine can be discussed thoroughly in articles chosen by the Board of editors. This magazine is also a tool of study for members of the medical profession to state their scientific opinions. It is hoped that this may help increase the quality of service in the diagnostic field for the community.