I Wayan Putu Sutirta Yasa, Ketut Widyani Astuti, I Gusti Made Aman


Research regardless the effect of noni fruit for increasing bleeding time have already been carried out widely. The similar activity of
noni fruit extract and acetosal can be concerned that the fruit extract has a potential activity for prolonged bleeding time. This study aims
to know the present of prolonged of bleeding time as a results of intake of combination of noni fruit extract with acetosal on mice. This
research was carried out at Unit Binatang Percobaan, Departemen Farmakologi Universitas Udayana. This is an experimental study with
pre and post-test control group design. Subject was compromised of 3 groups of mice and each group contain of 7 mice. The first group
was treated with a dose of 40 mg/kg bw acetosal, the second group treated with a dose of 100 mg/kg bw ethanol noni fruit extract, and
the third group treated with combination of 40 mg/kg bw acetosal and 100 mg/kg bw ethanol extract of noni fruit. All groups were
fed once per day for a week. Bleeding time was determined on the basis of tail bleeding method. This study results that the first group
experience bleeding time increased from 61.42±9.43 second to 160.71±19.77 second. Increase bleeding time of the second group is from
59.14±7.12 to 138.14±59.91 second. For the third group, the bleeding time increases from 65.00±7.91 to 213.00±20.92 second.
One Way ANOVA analysis indicates that there is a significant different among these three groups after treatment p = 0.006 (p<0.05).
Bleeding time of the third group which was treated with combination of noni fruit and acetosal results in the highest increase compare
to the other two groups. In conclusions, combination of noni fruit and acetosal treatment results in increase of bleeding time on mice.


Acetosal, noni fruit, bleeding time

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