Rita Rachmayanti, Ida Parwati, Tiene Rostini, Sylvia Rachmayati


The definitive diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis is the discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from sputum culture, but the
conventional culture methods using Ogawa media require between 3−10 weeks detection time. Therefore it is needed a prompt diagnostic
tools to shorten the detection time. Tetrazolium microplate assay (TEMA) that used tetrazolium bromide as a growth indicator also use
mitochondrial dehydrogenate enzymes in the mitochondria of living M. tuberculosis may reduce yellow tetrazolium bromide into purple
formazan crystals. The aim of this study was to know the validity and speed of time detection of M. tuberculosis growth by analyzing
it. This study was carried out from November 2012 up to February 2013, which obtained 105 subjects conducted in the Department
of Clinical Pathology at Dr. Hasan Sadikin Hospital with a cross sectional study design. The subjects consisting of sputum sample from
patients who suspected pulmonary TB which is examined for culture of M. tuberculosis with TEMA method using Ogawa media. Statistical
analysis was used a 2×2 table to test the validity and Mann Whitney test for the differences in growth detection time. The validity test
of TEMA method got the sensitivity of 90.4% and specificity of 96.2%. The detection time of M. tuberculosis growth in TEMA methods
was found fastest in the third day while from the Ogawa media cultur was found on the 13th day with the M. tuberculosis growth media
using TEMA methods detected in 12 days. While for those cultured on Ogawa’s media the mean duration is 22 days (p<0.001). Based
on this study, can be concluded the examination of M. tuberculosis culture from sputum patient suffer of pulmonary TB with with TEMA
method has given high validity and faster in the time detection for the diagnosis of pulmonary TB.


Cultures TEMA method, faster detection, sputum, suspect pulmonary tuberculosis

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