ANALISIS FERITIN DAN AST TO PLATELET RATIO INDEX SEBAGAI PETANDA DERAJAT FIBROSIS PENYAKIT HATI KRONIS (Analysis Ferritin and AST to Platelet Ratio Index as a Marker Degree of Fibrosis Chronic Liver Disease)

Yulianti Yasin, Uleng Bahrun, Ibrahim Abdul Samad


Chronic liver disease is an endemic disease in Indonesia which is still a global health problem and detected when it’s developing
into fibrosis. The determination of fibrosis is important for the treatment and prognosis of chronic liver disease. AST to Platelet Ratio
Index (APRI) score is the most common used to assess the degree of liver fibrosis. Ferritin is an iron deposit that found in the liver and
the levels depend on the degree of the cell damage. The aim of this study was to analyze ferritin levels as a marker of the fibrosis degree
in the chronic liver disease. This cross-sectional study of 47 patients with chronic liver disease performed at Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo
General Hospital between May–June 2012. The subjects are grouped into cirrhotic and noncirrhotic, based on the theory that in cirrhotic
liver fibrosis was considered as an irreversible condition. AST to platelet ratio index score based on the Wai CT formulation, including
the examination of AST by optimizing UV-test according to International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC) modified method on
the ABX Pentra 400, examination of platelet by impedance method on Sysmex XT 2000i and ferritin levels were measured by ECLIA
method using Elecsys 2010 Analyzer. The Spearman correlation tests showed no association between ferritin levels and APRI in cirrhotic
and non cirrhotic patients (p=0.704 and r=–0.057). In conclusion, ferritin can not be used as the marker in determining the degree
of fibrosis patients suffering chronic liver disease. Further studies are expected using a more valid method for determining the degree of
fibrosis such as liver biopsy or fibro scan.


ferritin, AST to platelet ratio index, Liver fibrosis, chronic liver disease

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