ANALISIS ABSOLUTE NEUTROPHIL COUNT DI PASIEN KANKER PAYUDARA DENGAN KEMOTERAPI (Analysis of Absolute Neutrophil Count in Breast Cancer Patients with Chemotherapy)

Arifa Moidady, Tenri Esa, Uleng Bahrun


The Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) is the absolute number of neutrophil derived from the multiplication of the relative number of
leukocytes to the total neutrophil count. Neutrophils can be disturbed due to myelosupressive effects of chemotherapy. Fever is a common
symptom in neutropenia patients due to chemotherapy. This fever is an emergency requiring rapid handling of Oncology and needs
administration of appropriate antibiotics. Therefore, the data on the occurence of neutropenia and its related fever in patients whom
accept chemotherapy after breast cancer it is important to be noted. This study is carried on to know the Absolute Neutrophil Count
(ANC) in breast cancer patients with chemotherapy by analyzing them. The study was performed retrospectively by taking medical record
data from January up to December 2012 in Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital Makassar. The absolute Neutrophil Count pre and after
chemotherapy analysis was done to determine neutropenia, as well as the febrile neutropenia and the correlation between ANC with
patients age and stage of breast cancer. A total of 55 samples with the majority of patients (85.45%) were in the age group of 41–60
years old. The ANC after chemotherapy occurred in 50 patients were decreased (90.91%). There are five (5) patients (9.09%) with fever
and two (2) persons (patients) (3.63%) suffered febrile neutropenia. The correlation analysis between decreased ANC with patient age
and stage of breast cancer are p=0.054 and 0.070 respectively. Based on this study it can be concluded, that decreased ANC occurred
in most patients after accepting chemotherapy but only few patients suffered febrile neutropenia. There was no significant correlation
between the decreased ANC with patient age and stage of breast cancer.


Absolute neutrophil count, chemotherapy, breast cancer

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