ANGKA BANDING ALBUMIN KREATININ AIR KEMIH DAN HbA1C SERTA ESTIMASI LAJU FILTRASI GLOMERULUS PADA PASIEN DIABETES MELITUS TIPE 2 (Urinary Albumin to Creatinine Ratio With HbA1c and Estimated Glomerulo Filtration Rate in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients)

Amiroh Kurniati, Tahono Tahono


Diabetes Mellitus (DM) type 2 is a metabolic disease that prevalence increasing. A chronic hyperglycemia with poor glycemic
control can stimulate oxidative stress, which will continue to occurrence of complications in the kidneys characterized by the presence
of microalbuminuria can be measured by the ratio of urinary albumin creatinine ratio (UACR) and the change in estimated glomerular
filtration rate (eGFR). The aims of this study was to know the correlation between the UACR with HbA1c value and eGFR in patients with
type 2 DM by finding them out. This study used cross sectional research design. Subjects were patients with type 2 DM who attend control
in Endocrinology Subdivision of Internal Medicine Departement and perform blood and urine tests in Clinical Pathology Laboratory in
Dr. Moewardi Hospital Surakarta in August 2013. To determine the pattern of the data distribution, the researchers used Kolmogorov
Smirnov test, and to analyse the result used Spearman (r) correlation with p<0.05 and confidence interval 95%. Statistical analysis
using Spearman correlation test (r), significant when p<0.05 with 95% confidence intervals. From 68 samples examined the mean
age is 60.9 year old, with equal participants for male and female (34 subjects each). Most subjects were in poor glycemic control group
(72.1%) and in the range of microalbuminuria (44.1%). There was a significant correlation between UACR with HbA1c and eGFR in
type 2 DM patient (r=0.412, p=0.000; and r= -0.270, p=0.02, respectively). Based on this study it can be concluded that increased
UACR were associated with worsened glycemic control and were characterized by higher levels of HbA1c and its eGFR value would be
lower. Further analysis requires further research with a larger sample size and more attention to the factors that may affect the related


Urinary albumin to creatinie ratio, HbA1c, eGFR, type 2 DM

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