RERATA VOLUME TROMBOSIT DAN AGGREGASI TROMBOSIT DI DIABETES MELITUS TIPE 2 (Mean Platelet Volume and Platelet Aggregation in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2)

Malayana Rahmita Nasution, Adi Koesoema Aman, Dharma Lindarto


Diabetes mellitus patients often have hypercoagulable blood, as evidenced by the increased coagulation, impaired fibrinolysis,
endothelial dysfunction and platelet hyperactivity. Hyperactive platelet is the major determinant of pro thrombotic state in DM. By
assessing the MPV and platelet aggregation, which is a marker of platelet activity, in patients with type 2 DM, it is expected to help the
prediction of acute events. This research is aimed to know the differences of MPV and the aggregation of platelet between poor glycemic
control as well as good the control group in type 2 DM patients. This study was conducted in cross sectional method using 22 people with
good glycemic control and 28 people with poor one (glycemic control) from June to August 2013. Fasting blood samples were analyzed
for CBC, HbA1c, TG and platelet aggregation. MPV and platelet aggregation value were compared between groups using independent
t-test. Based on this study, there is no significant difference in MPV and platelet aggregation between groups (p=0.598, p=0.464 (1 μM),
p=0.868 (2 μM), p=0.984 (5 μM), p=0.401 (10 μM)). Mean Platelet Volume (MPV) correlate significantly with platelet aggregation
at 1 μM and 5μM ADP concentration in good glycemic control group (r=0.591; p=0.004 at 1 μM ADP and r=0.521; p=0.013 at 5 μM
ADP). Mean platelet volume correlate significantly with the platelet aggregation at 2 μM ADP and the concentration in poor glycemic
control group (r=0.405; p=0.033). There are no significant differences in MPV and platelet aggregation between groups, but there is a
significant correlation between them (MPV and platelet aggregation) in the good glycemic control of the type 2 DM group.


Mean platelet volume, platelet aggregation, type 2 DM, HbA1c

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