Trieva Verawaty Butarbutar, Puspa Wardhani, Aryati Aryati


Plasmotec® Malaria-3 is a rapid malaria diagnostic test that uses 4 line tests and targets three malaria proteins, namely Plasmodium falciparum specific protein (HRP-2), Plasmodium vivax-specific LDH (Pv-LDH) and non-specific Plasmodium LDH (pLDH). Microscopy as a gold standard has many disadvantages and the availability of malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) in detecting three proteins is still very limited. This study aimed to determine the diagnostic value of Plasmotec® Malaria-3 against gold standard microscopy, comparing the Plasmotec® Malaria-3 and microscopy antigen species detection, determine the parasitemia index cut-off using Plasmotec® Malaria-3. This study was a cross-sectional study with 105 whole blood samples obtained from the Merauke Papua General Hospital which fulfilled the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Samples were examined by thick and thin drops and then examined with Plasmotec® Malaria-3. Diagnostic values of Plasmotec® Malaria-3 against the microscopy were Sn 100%, Sp 98.04%, PPV 98.18%, NPV 100%, LR + 51, LR-0, diagnostic accuracy of 99.05%. Comparison of Plasmodium species between Plasmotec® Malaria-3 and microscopy was not significantly different, p-value = 0.172. The cut-off of parasitemia index in P. falciparum and P. vivax in Plasmotec® Malaria-3 based on the Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve could not be determined with AUC=0.577, p-value=0.385 and AUC=0.423, p-value=0.385 was respectively. The conclusion of this study was that the comparison of Plasmodium species between Plasmotec® Malaria-3, and microscopy was not significantly different. This study suggested that a further research is needed to find the diagnostic value of non-falciparum and non-vivax Plasmodium against Plasmotec®Malaria-3.


malaria, microscopy, Plasmotec® Malaria-3, HRP-2, Pv-LDH, pLDH


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